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2019-12-14 18:15

Jan 28, 2012 Terrorist are having war with America and they have never said they want people to convert to Islam. So why whole Islam religion is blamed for terrorism.Jul 05, 2008 The goal of most Islamic terrorists: These groups have generally demanded the introduction of sharia law in various countries and the destruction of those seen to be enemies of Islam by these groups, including zionism and secularism. The goal of the Christian ones: Christian terrorist organizations are generally right wing in nature. is islam terrorist religion yahoo

Jun 18, 2010 In islam, is muslims are in a war with another country, they are not allowed to kill a child, a woman, an old man, or unarrmed man, they're not allowed to kill an animal, or even to cut a tree. then how come that the media and people keep saying that Islam is the terrorist religion, and muslims are terrorists?

Sep 30, 2006 Answers. the religion of Islam hasn't ever been a faith of peace. you should study heritage. Islam is a faith, whose approaches of conversion were Fascist from the very beginning, beginning with Mohamed, who depending the religion. human beings of Islamic faith imagine they're more beneficial positive than anybody else, Jan 07, 2009 Islam is not a homogenous religion. It is divided into many subgroups, including Sunni, Shi'ite, and Sufi. A very small, radical, hatefilled, extremist, Fundamentalist, terrorist wing does islam terrorist religion yahoo May 30, 2009 please help me. i need it for my essay. i need it ASAP.

Feb 12, 2006 Yahoo New Zealand Answers The Prophet Muhammed seems to think that Islam is a terrorist religion. Have you read the Koran? Look up the quotes at the following website and then download a copy of the Koran from another website. Read them in context. is islam terrorist religion yahoo Mar 13, 2010 Yahoo India Answers The only agreement that will stop Islamic terrorism is an agreement by the majority of the world's Muslims to start respecting their faith and its prophet by stopping, preventing and destroying Islamic radicals, extremists and terrorists. this has to do with politics, maybe more than it does with religion Jan 26, 2007 islam is not a plague! my country's official religion is islam and we have no prob like terrorist or mentally affected by Allah's threats which is not a threat but a prevention from doing immoral acts. there are diffrent religions in our country like christian, hinduism or buddhaism. they're free to practice their own belief and we live Jul 09, 2007 The Media has forced its viewers to believe that Islam is a violent, bloody, intolerant religion, but in reality this is actually the opposite. If people would stop accepting their television sets as their teachers, more people would know the actual truth about Islam. Feb 12, 2006 Do you think Islam is a Terrorist Religion? The Prophet Muhammed seems to think that Islam is a terrorist religion. or born again christain represnt all christain. so you can't think of the terrorist who happen to be muslim and call Islam a terrorist religion. The world doesn't work like that, even though many people think so.

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